Transport of Passengers

Bagafrance-Canal du Midi offers a service of transport of passengers in order for the cyclists, hikers, kayakers and horse riders to go back to the location of their departure at the end of the tour or to jump a stage if requested. 

The transport is carried out with minivans (9 seats, driver included) including the luggage as well as the bicycles thanks to a trailer for 8 bicycles. Since the number of vehicles is unfortunately limited, a request for personal transportation, sent by email at, is not systematically accepted by Bagafrance-Canal du Midi. Therefore, depending on the availability of the vehicles, the rates for personal transportation are directly submitted by email.

As an indication, 4 persons with bikes from Agde to Carcassonne would be around €161, and €5 per bike to be transported ; 8 persons with bikes from Toulouse to Bordeaux woul be around €427, and €10 per bike to be transported. Nevertheless, an estimate will be done for each request.

Transport on the route. If you want to be transported to skip a stage, because of illness or mechanic trouble, we can transport you during our own tour and on our itinery. Along the Canal du Midi, it will cost €20 and €22 along Canal de Garonne.


Bagafrance-Canal du Midi has an dedicated insurance for all the transported persons as well as the luggage and bicycles.