Luggage transfer

Bagafrance-Canal du Midi transfers luggage for cyclists, hikers, kayakers or horse riders between their selected accommodations.

Prices 2018: per stop and for a maximum of 75 km

Number of bags











Canal du Midi

30/04/18– 30/09/18











Canal de Garonne

04/06/18 – 23/09/18











The luggage is collected after 9:00 am and is delivered before 6:00 pm. Due to the fact that every day is different, depending on the number of transfers to achive, the Bagafrance's vehicles carry out luggage collection and delivery along the itineraries without any planned schedule.
Inform your accomodation that your luggage is transfered without you by BAGAFRANCE.
Special requests can be made for a specific transfers from a specific location (station, parking, private residence ...) where the collection and/or delivery are to be carried out at a specific time and include a physical contcat with the lugagge owners. If so, special rates are provided by Bagafrance-Canal du Midi.
Every piece of luggage is checked when collected (as a reference for the insurance) and must not exceed 20 kilos. If heavier, the cost per piece of luggage beyong 20 kilos is doubled, subject to the agreement of the owner.
Every piece of luggage must be labelled with the last name and cellphone number of the owner.


Special instructions

Luggage must not contain :

  • any hazardous materials (flammable, fuel, gas,...)
  • any illegal substance (drugs, including cannabis,...)
  • any valuable
  • any medicine
  • any weapon

You must declare to Bagafrance:

  • any transport of alcohol (wine, beer and spirits, small amounts only)
  • any transport of electronic devices (computer, tablet,...)
  • any transport of health devices (respirators,...)

The following items must be declared to Bagafrance