Bicycle transfer

Bagafrance-Canal du Midi transfers bicycles (including electric bicycles, tandems, luggage trailer, trailers or single wheel bike trailers for children) mainly for cyclists who wish to be transported back to the location of their departure or to return the bicycles to the rental company.
Like for the luggage, if not transported together with the cyclists, the bicycles are collected after 9:00 am and are delivered before 6:00 pm. The collection as well as the delivery are carried out from and to an accomodation or a rental company's store. 
Without you, your bikes will not be transported more than 140 km per day. It means that it takes 2 days to transport bikes from Sète to Toulouse or from Toulouse to Bordeaux.

The rates bellow are for a transport without any deadline for the transport

Rates 2018

 Canal du Midi

 Canal de La Garonne



  4/06/18 – 23/09/18

  Distance max for the prices bellow, or per day

125 km

140 km

 From 1 to 6



 6 and 7



 8 and more             On estimate            On estimate

If you have deadlines, please send your request :